We continue to improve and expand our sharpening services. For example, we can now offer full sharpening of step drills. In the past, we could only sharpen the tips but we are now able to sharpen the entire drill. Due to the additional time needed to do this, the cost to resharpen step drills will be $29.95. In addition, we have taken steps to improve the turnaround time to a consistent 2 weeks once we receive your drills. The value we provide will continue to benefit your practice as it is still significantly lower than the cost of new drills.


Welcome to ImplantDrillPoint.com, providers of the sharpest cutting edges on dental implant drills. Each dental implant drill is sharpened by trained technicians utilizing the finest Swiss made optical drill point sharpeners. Practitioners worldwide have chosen us to re-sharpen their implant drills for their superior performance, extreme precision, exceptional longevity, and unsurpassed quality. This service will increase drill life, decrease temperature rise in bone during osteotomy and save you money over new drills. Thermal injury, when drilling bone, is well documented. Used implant drills after as little as five drillings will show an increase in bone temperature.In a study by Chacon, Bower et al., it was confirmed that bone temperature increases when drills are used multiple times. The study also noted that many drill systems lack secondary clearance angles needed for improved drilling performance. Drill geometry plays a major role in heat production.Continuously purchasing new drills is an expensive proposition with drill sets costing hundreds of dollars to replace. With the help of manufacturers, engineers and other practitioners we have developed a system to re-sharpen your used dental implant drills. You will notice a difference in drill performance and subsequent implant success. You will also appreciate the cost savings.


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